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July 31 - August 8

One of the most popular shows in Muny history, GREASE returns for nine nights in its first Muny production since 2007. Packed with explosive energy, GREASE takes you back to a simpler time as “bad boy” Danny and “the girl next door” Sandy fall in love all over again.

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August 11 - 17

Mrs. Dolly Levi makes her grand Muny return in this classic musical. Celebrating the 50th anniversary of its Broadway opening, this award-winning musical features the irresistible story of matchmaker extraordinaire Dolly Levi as she “meddles” her way from Yonkers to New York City.

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June 25-July 2

June 16-22

July 7-13

July 14-20

August 11-17

July 22-28

July 31-August 8

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Performance at 8:15 p.m.

Approx. Run Time: 2hrs 10mins

Instagram: @themuny

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